Automatic Ticket Dispenser

Is managing your Charity Gaming becoming a chore for your facility?  Interested in an easy fool proof way to minimize your efforts and cost while increasing your Progressive Jackpot ticket sales?

Let us introduce you to the ATD-1 "automatic ticket dispenser" designed as an unlimited ticketing system for progressive jackpot games.  This ticketing system vending machine allows your paid staff and volunteers to spend their time serving the customer while, at the same time, increasing ticket sales resulting in quicker jackpot amounts.

Technik Mfg., with many years of dispensing experience in both vending machines and vending kiosks, has developed a highly reliable ticket dispensing system that boasts a failure rate of only 0.3% on 40,000 tickets.  The advanced technology of the ATD-1 also keeps accurate accounting records accessible with the touch of a finger.  The sleek attention getting style of the ATD-1 draws people to it minimizing hands-on operation while maximizing ticket sales.

Standard Features

  • 16 ga. steel cabinet with durable powder coating.  Dimensions - H 21" x W 10.6" x D 13.5"   Weight - 35 lbs.
  • Keyed 16 ga. steel front door with high secure dual lock rods.  Door is hinged down for easy ticket loading and cash removal.
  • 3.5" durable LCD touch screen that provides an attract mode, set-up mode, ticket sales and sales reports.
  • Sales reports can be downloaded to a computer using the USB port on the Raspberry Pi2 microcontroller.
  • Highly reliable fan fold ticket dispenser.
  • Pyramid Bill acceptor with a 1000 note stacker that accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 notes.  The bill acceptor can also accept $50's and $100's upon request.
  • Wall and counter-top mountable.


Optional Features

  • Custom color and graphics.
  • Pyramid bill acceptor that accepts $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.
  • Printer and printer interface for hard copy printing of reports.
  • Audible 110 decibel security alarm.
  • High secure Medeco or Tubar locks.
ATD vending machine