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What does Technik Mfg, Inc. have to offer?

We all know from experience that when strong business partnerships are formed, life becomes easier, solutions come easier, and problems are less of a burden. Technik is here to be that partner. We will work with you to provide solutions to your vending needs as we have the experience you need to cut through the maze and get to end result quickly.


Our experience comes from starting a new company in 1989. You can imagine the pits and perils along the way as most start-up companies have long since passed. Technik's persistent pursuit of success has resulted in a knowledge base that can be very useful to those in the vending industry looking for solutions. These solutions include:

  • Design issues we can help you avoid:
    • Reliability of the mechanical and electronic functions
    • Life of the product in difficult environments
    • Security of the product to repel thieves and vandals
    • Aesthetics of the product to inspire its use by the public
    • Safety of the product to prevent injury and loss of service
    • Cost effective designs that result in your desired ROI
    • Packaging that assures the product arrives as advertised
  • Service issues we can help you avoid and manage:
    • Modular components for easy field replacement
    • Maintain inventory of both new and mature products
    • Maintain interchangeability of new parts for old machines
    • Qualified advice for repairs instead of unwanted invoices
  • Relationship issues can help make life easier:
    • Honest dialogue instead of hollow promises
    • A pricing policy that does not tolerate over-charging
    • Customers, employees, and suppliers are treated equally
    • A quality policy that puts quality ahead of cost

With over 45,000 machines sold in over 45 countries, Technik has earned the knowledge for vending solutions and would like the opportunity to put this knowledge to work for you.


Dennis Carstens - President


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