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Custom Church Kiosks

Churches across the nation have seen a decrease in attendance in recent years, but maintain a strong base of people of faith. In response, many churches and religious organizations are making improvements and adopting new technology to better support their devoted community. One trend is bringing in kiosks that are designed to provide assistance and…
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Self-Service Kiosks for Government Use

Kiosks are playing a larger role in every day people’s lives more and more. From the private sector to the public, custom kiosks have become a mainstay. It’s no wonder, considering the time, money, and efficiency a custom kiosk adds to any business or organization. Here we’re going to look at how custom self-service kiosks…
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Can an Information Kiosk Benefit Your Company?

Having easy access to the right information is important to your customers and employees.  An information kiosk is one of the best ways to meet the demands of staff, customers, or the public in a cost-effective and efficient way. As industry-leading kiosk manufacturers Technik MFG. INC. has witnessed what an information kiosk can do for…
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Healthcare Kiosks

In 2015 it was predicted that the use of healthcare kiosks would more than triple by 2020. If you've visited a Kaiser  Permanente medical office in the past four years, you'll have noticed kiosks in the lobby, the lab, and pharmacy. Healthcare kiosks are becoming the norm, and they can do a lot more than…
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