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Kiosk Capabilities and Diversity

The custom kiosk and vending machine industry is creative, innovative and ever-changing. The kiosk manufacturers at Technik, Mfg., design and develop custom kiosks that provide interaction and dispensing capabilities for industries all over the world. Kiosks are interactive computers that are used by the hospitality industry, medical industry, retailers, government offices and more. Our kiosk…
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New Controllers With More Capabilities

With a commitment to being on the cutting-edge of kiosk and vending machine technologies, our kiosk manufacturers have designed and developed two new controllers with state of the art technology. These new control boards will now be in all vending machines and individual dispensing mechanisms. These new boards are surface mount, which mean no wires,…
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3D Dispensing Available for Custom Kiosks

Technik Mfg. has a team of engineers who consistently push the envelope. When it comes to custom kiosk and vending machine technology, we’re on the cutting edge of new technologies for custom dispensing capabilities. Most recently, our team of custom kiosk manufacturers has expanded to 3D object dispensing. For many years, our custom kiosks and…
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Free Estimates for Kiosks and Vending Machines

With well-over 45,000 units all over the world, our kiosk and vending machine manufacturers are no strangers to unique and custom requests. Our team – comprised of a knowledgeable sales team, creative engineers and reliable service technicians – can fill a need for almost any request. Our quotes are always free. Whether in need of…
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