PPE “Touchless” Face Mask Machine

In the COVID-19 age personal safety has taken center stage. Personal protective equipment has become a part of everyday life, and face masks are the number one line of defense against COVID-19 and other airborne viruses. Technik Mfg., a leader in producing custom vending machines and kiosks, understands the importance of offering easily accessible disposable face masks to the public in any setting or environment. It’s the reason why we’ve designed and engineered the first-ever “Touchless” Face Mask Machine.

The Technik “Touchless” Face Mask Machine

With our “touchless” face mask machine, anyone can purchase a disposable face mask without touching any part of the machine. After simply swiping, inserting, or tapping to pay with a credit card a mask will be dispensed in a 1” diameter by 4” long capped perma-seal tube.

The tube can be easily manually opened and recycled once the mask is removed. Technik has been manufacturing custom vending machines and kiosks for over 30 years and this product has proven to be best in its class when it comes to reliability and performance. The “small profile” style cabinet can be wall-mounted, counter-top mounted or used with a base as a floor model.  Whether you choose to install it in a permanent location or use remotely as a mobile supplier for face masks, this machine will consistently meet your needs.

Standard Features

  • 18-gauge steel cabinet with durable powder coating
  • Tube (mask) capacity – Qty. 190
  • 100V – 240V
  • Nayax “touchless” payment system
  • “Touchless” product retrieval
  • Keyed 18-gauge steel side door for product loading
  • Optional – custom graphics

Dimensions and Weights

  • Machine Only – W 12” x D 14.75” x H30” – 45lbs
  • Machine w/Recycle Box – W 17” x D 14.75” x H 30” – 55 lbs.
  • Machine w/Base Pedestal – W 24” x D 19.25” x H 62” – 80 lbs.

Ready for Your PPE “Touchless” Face Mask Machine? 

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