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Custom Dispensing Kiosks Built for Custom Needs

Technik Mfg is not only one of the country’s premier innovators of pull tab vending machines and dispensing mechanisms; but is also a leader in custom kiosks and custom vending machines. Our custom kiosk manufacturers are consistently engineering new ways to meet the diverse needs of businesses and organizations all over the world through unique…
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Vending Machine Dispensing Mechanisms

As one of the premier vending machine and kiosk manufacturers in the country, we not only provide vending machines to fit our customers’ needs, but vending machine dispensing mechanisms for a variety of machines and needs. In fact, our dispensers have been installed in over 40,000 machines around the world. Our vending machine dispensers include…
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Technical Service Bulletin – September 2015

Technik Mfg., a vending machine manufacturer and kiosk manufacturer, receive technical service calls when a specific column or columns in the machine is not advancing the next card or ticket in one of our prepaid card machines, phone card machines, pull tab machines, dispensing mechanisms or in one of our kiosk components. This can occur…
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