Custom Kiosks

Custom Vending Kiosks

Custom Dispensing Kiosks

Custom Kiosks

Custom Dispensing Mechanisms

What can we vend for You?

  • Custom Card Dispensers
  • Custom Box Dispensers
  • Custom Gift Card Dispensers
  • Custom Dispensing Mechanisms
  • Custom Envelope Dispensers
  • Custom Package Dispensers
  • Custom Card Read Dispensers
Big Custom Vending Machines

Pull Tab Machines

First U.S. Pull Tab Machine Manufacturer

Leading U.S. Pull Tab Machine Manufacturer

Over 30.000 sold

Models: 8 column, 4 column, 3 column, 2 column. Which one is right for You?

Pull Tab Vending Machine Manufacturers

Pin Number Machines

Pin Number Machines

Top Up Machines

Prepaid Cell Time

Several Models to Choose From

Customize it for: Your Clients, Your Central Server, Your Route, Your Profit

PIN Number Kiosk Manufacturers

Phone Card Machines

Prepaid Phone Card Machines

Prepaid Card Machines

PostageStamp Machines

CR80 Card Vending Machines

Sold in over 45 Countries

Have It Your Way With: Numerous Models to Choose From, Customized Labels, Accepts Most Currency, Many Options Available.

NO. 1 Manufacturer in the USA

Phone Card Kiosk Manufacturers

Card Dispensing Machanisms

Dispensing Mechanisms

Excellent Communication


Made in USA!

Standard Units Capable of Vending: CR80 Cards, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Loyalty Cards, Transit Passes, Envelopes, CD Disks and Packages, DVD Disks and Packages, More - Please Call.

Big Card Dispensing Kiosk Manufacturers


With over 45,000 vending machines sold, you can trust Technik machines to provide reliable, long-lasting service to make your project a success!
Technik is a competent manufacturer of card vending machines and card vending kiosks. Technik is organized to build your vending machines to SELL WHILE YOU SLEEP.


Kiosk Manufacturers

Technik has a proven track record for producing successful projects - with engineering, technical, manufacturing, quality, and excellent service after your project is in operation. We will help you produce income instead of headaches.


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