Custom Vending Machine Mechanisms


The main advantage of a Technik dispensing mechanism lies in its flexibility. We have dispensed pull tabs, baseball cards, debit cards, coupon booklets and envelopes with the same mechanism. Minor adjustments allow us to dispense any thickness of product. We also have mag stripe, bar code and RFID dispensers.

With over 36,000 in the field, Technik dispensing mechanisms have proven themselves to be dependable and reliable. This reputation has been built on Technik's unique belt feed delivery system, which dispenses the product quickly and smoothly, without marking or jamming.

One, two, four, six and eight row models are available to give vendors the opportunity to build their own customized vending machine.

We offer a varitiy of different dispensing mechanisms to fit your needs. We also have a complete list of mechanisms for you to choose from.

Feel free to contact us at 1-800-795-8251 with any questions you may have.